Restaurants in St Albans with the BEST vegan dishes

It’s officially Veganuary and here at GoGetters we are partnered with some of the most creative restaurants that offer an amazing selection of vegan dishes! Throughout January we have been sharing some of our favourite vegan dishes provided by local restaurants in your town. Today let’s carry on the series and explore the best vegan dishes in St Albans… 


Gracey’s pizza is one of our ‘most ordered from’ partner restaurants across the board, with amazing reviews from the likes of ‘@thefoodreviewclub’, there is no wonder that the pizzeria gets a mention in the best vegan dishes in St Albans. Opt for a ‘Funghi pizza’ made with Roast portobello mushrooms, San Marzano sauce, gorgonzola, fior di latte, grana Padano, aged Parmesan, truffle oil and parsley. Maybe you would prefer a ‘Melanzana Pizza’, which is made with Basil, San Marzano toms, roast aubergine, fresh chilli, fior di latte, grana Padano- whatever you choose, we can guarantee that Gracey’s pizza will become a regular on your takeaway roster!  


St Albans is home to the popular Moroccan Mezze spot Al Farid Mezze, serving authentic dishes that you can fit into your vegan diet without compromising on flavour. The seven vegetable Tagine is a Slow cooked stew with butternut squash, carrots, peppers, aubergine, swede, sweet potato, and courgettes, served with cous-cous or rice, this wholesome dish is perfect for a cosy night in. Order alongside the classic Mezze selection of Hummus, Tabbouleh or Foota, and finish the feast with a gorgeous, gooey Peanut butter brownie!  


If you’re craving a Greek feast, look no further as Souvlaki City serves just that. Grab a selection of freshly made Mezze to accompany the main vegan event- ‘Gemista’ which is a traditional Greek recipe of stuffed peppers and tomatoes, served with homemade tzatziki or hummus. Complete your meal with a side of Oregano & sea salt chips, olives and Tirosalata- and you’ve got one of the best vegan dishes in St Albans! 


Tikka Nation is one of St Albans takeaway hot spots- offering a modern twist on traditional Indian cuisine, and with a great selection of vegan dishes for you to try. Enjoy a ‘Soya’ Masala or Punjabi Choley Curry with rice or why not try these dishes inside a Naan or Tortilla Wrap for a tasty spin on the classic dishes. We recommend trying Tikka Nations signature ‘Masala, Szechwan, or Gunpowder fries alongside your meal for a real Indian treat this Veganuary!  


This family ran restaurant is a true testament to the delicious flavours of Vietnamese cuisine, home-made sweetcorn fritters, and vegan summer rolls are the perfect appetizer before a warming main dish. One of the best vegan dishes in St Albans is the Sizzling Tofu Noodle made with, grilled marinated tofu with dill, spring onion and served with cool thin rice noodles on a bed of salad. This is a delivery that you can feel good about, not only are you supporting local, but you can also be rest assured that these recipes are made with only the freshest ingredients- order today and see what all the fuss is about!  

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